Judería de Chelva. Barrio Azoque. Chelva Jewish Quarter.

#JuderíaDeChelva #GlobalStoryMaps. Judería de Chelva. Barrio Azoque. Chelva Jewish Quarter. Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia. Geolocalización de portales, calles, y callejones del barrio Judío del Azoque. Comunitat Valenciana. Turismo Cultural. #ChelvaJewishQuarterhttps://arcg.is/015rur

Judería de Sagunto. Recorridos por el Morvedre Hebreo. [ESP]. #SaguntoJewishQuarters

#JuderíaDeSagunto. Recorrido nocturno por la Judería de Sagunto con Quiero Cultura. Require reservar. Ver Story Map para ver el recorrido por la judería mas importante de la Comunidad Valenciana. Visita Guiada Nocturna.
Recorrido nocturno por la Judería de Sagunto. Tour organizado por Quiero Cultura.

#JuderíaDeSagunto#SaguntoJewishQuarters. Today!!! Night tour of the Jewish quarter of Sagunto with Quiero Cultura. Requires booking. See Story Map to see the tour of the most important Jewish quarter in the Valencian Community. Guided Night Tour.Night tour of the Jewish quarter of Sagunto. https://arcg.is/1ar19D

Global Learning Maps and StoryMaps

Corinavirus2020 and #COVID19 have changed us forever. During these months of lockdown we have been more time online confined at home. We have used this time to reassess our priorities and plans. We are outdoors again and we want to continue sharing outdoors learning activities. We encourage you to follow our global collaborators via websites and social media.

We are continuing Outdoors University posts updating our Outdoors Global Learning Maps, Story Maps. and Global Learning Adventures Global Maps. (www.globallearningnews.org)

Global Learning Adventures Global Maps. Global Learning Adventures Global Maps with Prof. Flor Ramirez Lepervanche and Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche. Countries, cities, waterways, cruises, and more travel adventures. https://arcg.is/1Wvbbv. Visit our detailed “Global Learning Adventures StoryMaps” via https://arcg.is/1LKWCC

Video Conferences Fatigue during Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus COVID-19 Lockdown created an immediate need for live online communications. Governments and offices sent employees to work at home. Schools, colleges, and universities send staff, professors, and students to continue Spring term using online learning platforms. Our online education world experienced an immediate increase of virtual meetings, webinars, and live lecturers. Synchronous learning model was suddenly in the spotlight.
We have been in online education for more than 20 years. We have observed and implemented many Asynchronous learning model courses. Students learn at their own pace and time. It is the preferred model of working professionals who pursue higher degrees. We continue working in our online courses while we continue supporting our colleagues, parents, and students to complete this term.
Webinars have also increased using popular video conferencing systems. After doing several Webinars Marathons, workers, presenters, instructors, professors, students have develop “Video Conferences’ Fatigue. We have read several reports about it that motivated this drawing. When lockdown ends to a new normal level, remember to explore asynchronous learning courses.

I will be outdoors again. I will resist !!! – Resistiré !!!

 Coronavirus 2020 Chronicles. We are confined at home during Spain State of Alarm due to Coronavirus and COVID-19. I only go out to bring our recyclables to the street recycling bins. I can also go to the supermarkets or municipal market to buy groceries. I have to wear face masks and bring my own bags and shopping cart. When I return home I have to place my phone, wallet, and keys inside a small container. I have to remove masks, gloves, and shoes and all have to be cleaned and disinfected. I remove all clothes and place them in a bag to be ready to be washed. We added a red tape line to cross beyond the entrance. I have to wash and disinfect my hands before going to the shower. I feel like an astronaut after a spacewalk. Welcome to our Home Space Station.  

“Resistiré” (English: “I Will Resist”) is a song by the Spanish group Dúo Dinámico (Dynamic Duo in English) that we listen every day at 8 pm along with the applause that we dedicate to the health services.  

The Force of Online Education in times of Coronavirus 2020.

The Force of Online Education is helping teachers, professors, parents, and students in times of Coronavirus. We all have to find innovative and collaborative methods to continue with the school year and Spring semester. Online learning has been been in main stream for more than 20 years. Technologies and educational models have been integrated to bring new knowledge to our students’ screens.
The challenge is to use online learning to enhance online professionals and employees. Next managers in global organizations should add new health and social distancing rules that will impact all workforce. May the Online Force be with you! Virus Wars saga continue. #VirusWars #OnlineEducationForce #OnlineLearning

Online Learning Collaboration While Some Students are Sick or Working Overload / #Coronavirus2020

#OnlineLearningCollaboration. Students and professors at home are keeping online courses going while some classmates are sick or working overload. Let’s increase online learning collaboration to complete this term. Professors are extending due dates and modifying assignments and projects. Students are collaborating with classmates in team projects. 




CyberChronicles #CoronavirusUpdate – Business Problem Solving Model

CyberChronicles – MIS – Business Problem Solving Model

#CoronavirusUpdate. 2020 pandemic is forcing companies and individuals to solve new business and technology problems. This video has been used to use a problem solving model. New models and fast solutions have evolved with the years. Search and see how technologies are solving new problems. 

CyberChronicles – MIS – Business Problem Solving Model. A nuclear research reactor control systems problem.

Video link:  CyberChronicles – MIS – Business Problem Solving Model

#StayAtHome Calendar “Region of Valencia in 30 days”

#StayAtHome has been the hashtag during the alarm time in Spain for the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Different initiatives have emerged to motivate people to make virtual visits to museums and places of interest. Our proposal is a calendar of sites and activities in the #RegionOfValencia. For several years we have visited cities and towns in the provinces of Castellón, Valencia, and Alicante. During the Cultural Tourism Specialization Course and our Geolocalization of Jewish Quarters project in the Valencian Community, we had the opportunity to explore cities and towns with a broader perspective on geography, history, customs, and traditions.

We invite you to locate these images and inquire about them during this time at home. Discover and learn something new, and share your images, videos, links about what you have learned on social networks. Educate your family and friends and use # MediterraneanLive and #CulturalTourism. This initiative is part of our global travel plan #TravelExploreDiscoverLearnEducate.

We have a great opportunity to collaborate in recovering tourism. Start planning your trips and travel again. # ThisTooShallPass #WeWillTravelAgain

“Comunitat Valenciana en 30 Dias”. Calendario #QuédateEnCasa.

#QuédateEnCasa ha sido la consigna durante el tiempo de alarma en España por el Coronavirus (COVID-19). Diferentes iniciativas han surgido para motivar a la gente a realizar visitas virtuales a museos y sitios de interés. Nuestra propuesta es un calendario de sitios y actividades en la #ComunitatValenciana. Desde hace varioa años hemos visitado ciudades y pueblos de las provincias de Castellón, Valencia, y Alicante. Durante el Curso de Especialización de Turismo Cultural y nuestro proyecto de Geolocalización de Juderías de la Comunidad Valenciana tuvimos la opoertunidad de explorar ciudades y pueblos con una perspectiva mas amplia acerca de la geografía, historia, costumbres, y tradiciones.

Durante este tiempo en casa, los invitamos a ubicar estas imágenes e investigar acerca de ellas. Descubre y aprende algo nuevo, y comparte tus imagenes, videos, enlaces acerca de lo aprendido en las redes sociales. Educa a tu familia y amigos y usa #MediterráneoEnVivo y #TurismoCultural. Esta iniciativa es parte de nuestro plan global de viajes #ViajaExploraDescubreAprendeEduca.

Tenemos una gran oportunidad para colaborar en recuperar el turismo. Empieza a planear tus viajes y vuelve a viajar de nuevo. #EstoTambiénPasará #ViajaremosDeNuevo.