What’s Next? What are your life management challenges?

What's next?

What’s Next? this is a question that the Next Manager is asking every day. Constant changes in organizations have challenged people to think about next moves, decisions, plans, and actions. We live day to day and asking What’s next. The Next Manager newsletter (www.nextmanager.org) is using the collaborative effort of Twitter (@Next_Manager) to find answers, guidance, and ideas to keep our daily journeys. Social media have helped us to expand our reach via Internet. Going back to reality and basics we are now using social media in our homes and offices combining online and mobile technology with real “old fashion” technologies. Visit our FSCJ Kent office at D-214, pick a sticky note and post your answer to “What’s Next? on the poster. Welcome to our real “Social Wall”. Online students can post your answer as a comment here. Social wall responses will be shared here. You can access this page via QR Cody cartoon on poster. Like “Next Manager” in Facebook.


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