Collaboration and Fear of Failure

Thank you Jeff for sharing your ideas. Our challenge is to appreciate more our local art and the possibilities for improving our city of bridges. Let’s continue this TEDxFSCJ learning adventure.

Accelerating Growth For Social good


I had the privilege of sharing a presentation on “Transforming Urban Communities Through the Arts” at the inaugural TEDxFSCJ held on the stage of the Wilson Center for the Arts. As I listened to the speakers and watched the prerecorded TED talks, I saw a few common themes emerge. Almost all of the initiatives described (improvisation, aquaponics, fast superfood, urban gardens, arts hubs, and more) required people power. As I shared in my talk, “When we come together to create something then anything is possible. Egos, turfs, the silo mentality, possessiveness, and a focus on ‘what’s in it for me’ must be set aside in the interest of the greater good.”

A second theme was a major focus at the end of the day as several speakers described failure and the fear of failure as holding us back from reaching our fullest potential. I have personally seen this fear take…

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