(#229) Where Can You Declutter Your Life?

Simplify your life. Reduce technology and information overload.

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Where have you allowed clutter to invade your life?

When you hear the word clutter, what pops into your mind?  A desk with piles upon piles of paper?  Your kid’s bedroom? Your bedroom? The kitchen sink? The backseat of your car? The garage? Your sock drawer? The bottom of your closet?

Often, we associate clutter—mess and disorganization—with material stuff.  And as the short list above attests, such a connection can be apt. Any number of physical locations can become black holes for the condition I call “drop and leave.”

Image: BillLongshaw/FreeDigitalPhotos.net Image: BillLongshaw/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Clutter can cost us in timelost looking for something, moneyspent (for items we thought we had lost), money lost (because of wasted productivity) and stress endured dealing with the overwhelming mess that feels like a hurricane about to slam ashore.

And it can interfere with our true priorities as it distracts us from the important things in…

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