Behind the scenes at TED: When shipping snafus strike

Doing my own packing for TED Active. i can imaging the logistics behind this event. #TEDActive2015

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Boxes and crates get unpacked in our video team's "media cave." Boxes and crates get unpacked in our video team’s “media cave.” When things don’t arrive in time, it can send staffers scrambling to buy new equipment.

Two days before TEDGlobal 2012, Will True found himself on a train, trekking across Scotland on a mission.

See, one of six cases sent by our video team from New York City to Edinburgh for the conference was stuck in Scottish customs. Its contents: hundreds of terabytes of high-speed hard drives. TED Talks are filmed on digital video cameras, and as each talk is given, the camera’s files are copied to these hard drives. Without them, the team wouldn’t have adequate backup. It was Saturday. Customs was closed.

At the time, there wasn’t an Apple Store in Edinburgh, or any vendor that sold the kind — and amount — of professional-grade hard drives we needed. And so, True, our product development manager…

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