On 60 Minutes, the impact of TED Talks

On 18 minutes or less, the impact of TED Talks in life, justice, and education. TEDx and TED Ed give more opportunities to expand knowledge. #TEDKnowledge

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On tonight’s episode of 60 Minutes, a segment called “TED Talks” tells the story of three TED speakers whose talks rippled out into the world, transforming their own lives as well as the lives of many people who watched. Amy Cuddy shared a deeply personal story that sparked her research into “power posing”; Bryan Stevenson used his talk to raise awareness about legal injustice; and Maysoon Zayid hopes her talk helped give disabled people a new voice.

This 60 Minutes segment was more than a year in the making. Producer Henry Schuster tells the TED Blog that the idea for the story snuck up on him and co-producer Rachael Kun Morehouse.

“If we’re thinking about doing a story on somebody, we talk to them and we try to look at video of them to see if [they] have passion. TED Talks are a great thing to look…

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