Global Learning Opportunities Building Engagement Educational Model | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche (Whiteboard Video)

How to integrate Global Learning Opportunities Building Engagement (GLOBE)© educational model in online, on-ground, and outdoors learning. Model is used for multigenerational and multinational students using Device Oriented Learning. Youth leaders are the instant knowledge generation who are very familiar with TECHKnowledge.

Model includes Learning Management Systems, Sustainable Development Goals, Blogs, TED Ed Lessons, and Social Media Learning. The objective is to find global learning opportunities to make bridges between knowledge, technology and people building engagement using out-of-the-classroom ideas and outdoors classrooms. The University is Outdoors.

Closed Captions available.



  1. Working in the healthcare industry, one outdoor activity that the company participates in as an outdoor community engagement event is the St. Vincent’s Medical Mission at Home event. At the last event, medical care was available for free to about 400 individuals. Compassion, understanding and servant leadership is inspired by this event that looks beyond hospital walls that affect global health and well being.

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    This is the GLOBE model we are using in Outdoors University blog to expand online courses beyond the textbooks. Global collaborators share their photos of outdoors activities that can be used in classes.

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