USA Elections Day. #AmericanByChoice #IamAnImmigrant

On 2008 we have the right and duty of voting in our first USA Elections.

Our post at that time:

“It is time to vote in the general elections on November 4th. It is a huge responsibility to participate and elect our next president, other public functionaries, and to decide on several amendments. Our decisions are important and the weight of those decisions are heavy. The “I voted” sticker represents the weight of our decisions. It marks us for doing both our duty and our right to vote. The “Early Voting Site’ sign shows us that we believe in our electoral system. We can vote before and know that our vote will be counted. Please remember to vote. It is heavy but you will feel lighter after voting. My wife and I voted for the first time in a US presidential election and we feel great and grateful.”


We have participated in all USA elections since 2008 and we normally vote early. We study the options and amendments and pray to make a wise selection. We think that voting is a right but also a great responsibility. It is our duty to this great country that accepted us as #AmericanByChoice”. We chose to be a legal immigrant to find better opportunities for our family. We fought and gave time, knowledge, and efforts to make our born country a better one. We crossed boundaries and became global citizens to share the beautiful places you can find in your own country. We travel the world to pray for peace, liberty, and justice. Today, as in any elections, please use the best of your abilities to select the best leaders, managers, and administrators to improve our communities. Pray and act to help other communities in need. #IAmAnImmigrant by choice but many other immigrants have no choice. They are leaving their countries because local conditions are not offering minimum standards to have a peaceful life. Peace.



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