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Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche – Bio

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Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Bio

I currently works as Professor of Business Management and Information Systems at Florida State College at Jacksonville. I also teaches IS&T and eBusiness courses online in graduate programs. My courses are: Management Theory and Practice, Strategic Management,  Management of Information Systems, and Web Development. I am TEDxFSCJ Founder Organizer (www.tedxfscj.com). I use TED, TED-Ed, and TEDx Talks  to enhance management instruction beyond the classroom. Visit www.lepervanche.org to use our online resources to enhance your learning experience.  I use TECHKnowledge ideas to bring new gadgets and widgets to classroom and online learning. TED videos and TED Ed Lessons have been embedded into discussions, announcements, and newsletters to generate online discussions, small group discussions, and assignments. Watch my videos in YouTube channel.I have been working, consulting, about eBusinesses since the early 90s and teaching online since 1999. I started developing web pages with HTML in the late 90s.

I am a retired Lieutenant Commander from the Venezuelan Navy and I have a Nuclear Engineer degree (Risk, Information and Decision Analysis) and a M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. My undergraduate degree from the Venezuelan Naval Academy (First of the Class) is a Lic. in Naval Sciences (focused on Electronics). I also was Honor Graduate of the International Electronic Warfare Course at the US Navy Atlantic Fleet Combat Training Center in Virginia. I earned my PhD in Organization & Management with specialization in Information Technology Management from Capella University

I am a lifelong Scout leader in Venezuela and the USA.. I was Scoutmaster of Troop 182 in Jacksonville 2006-13 and I was selected one of the 43 2009 BSA National Distinguished Scoutmasters. I was Scoutmaster / Course Director of North Florida Council’s National Youth Leadership Training (Brownsea). I am currently is VP of Scouting Programs for BSA North Florida Council. I publish blogs related to International Scouting (www.scoutingadventures.org), Outdoors Learning (www.outdoorsuniversity.com) and Global Learning News (www.globallearningnews.com)

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