Community Services

Dr. Lepervanche has participated in several educational initiatives to support secondary education. He was guest lecturer to Science middle school students, participated as judge in Entrepreneur Day, a business simulation for high school students, and participated in the Leadership Exchange Program where he spent a day shadowing the principal and preparing a long relationship to improve education. He did a presentation titled “Middle School Crossroad: be prepared for college academic excellence” for an upcoming learning conference.

He is founding board member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Club of North Florida, a MIT alumni think tank to study and promote educational and enterprise solutions. He is VP of Communications and promotes club activities via social networks, website, and newsletter. He has been a long promoter of alumni associations as founding member of the MIT Club of Miami and the MIT Association of Venezuela.

Public Speaking

Dr. Lepervanche has been member of Toastmasters International since 1997 when he joined West Kendall Toastmasters. He was President of West Kendall Toastmasters (1998-99) and Top O’ Rock Toastmasters (2008-9, 2010-11). His interest in public speaking and the Toastmasters training made him change careers to be a college and university professor and speaker in seminars, workshops, and conferences. As an ESOL speaker he has taught public speaking and presentation skills with professors, students, scouts, youth leaders, and fellow Toastmasters including native English speakers and fellow ESOL speakers. He requires team presentations in on-land courses, and videos in online courses to provide opportunities for public speaking practice. As Scout leader he has coached youth scout leaders to excel as presenters during the National Youth Leadership Training since 2007 and has been Public Speaking Merit Badge counselor.

High Leadership

Dr. Lepervanche is a graduate of FSCJ High Level Leadership Cohort II, a 2-year collaborative training focused on improving college academic excellence. He published of an Academic Excellence blog. He mentored a team of FSCJ High Level Leadership Cohort III.


Dr. Lepervanche has been Boy Scout leader since 1985 in the Scouts of Venezuela and later in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). He has been Scoutmaster of Troop 182 since 2006. He was named as one of 43 2009 National Distinguished Scoutmaster and member of the National Council’s Time Management Focus Group. He has been in the staff of North Florida Council (NFC) National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) since 2007. He was Course director of NYLT in 2010 and 11. He is member of BSA Speakers Bureau and he speaks about Scouting values and methods in college courses and conferences. In 2011 he conducted a survey and presented results in a college learning conference titled: “Scouting 101: values and method of Scouting in management education”. He relates leadership concepts from NYLT in strategic management and problem solving skills. He was interviewed by Action News in occasion of the 100 years of Scouting for his role as Scouter and college professor.

Heart/CPR/AED Awarenenss

After surviving  a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and be saved by Scouters using CPR/AED, Dr. Lepervanche has been spokesman and advocate for the American Heart Association (AHA). He was instrumental to obtain a donation of AEDs for NFC Echockotee and Shands scout camps. He motivated scouts from Troop 182 to compete in an AED video contest during National Scout Jamboree 2010. These scouts won the video contest and two AEDs for their chartered organization and troop. He spoke to more than 300 scouts trying to break Guinness World Record of the largest CPR class during National Scout Jamboree 2010. He did an inspirational video for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation and he continues promoting CPR/AED training, and healthy living by eating well and exercising. He regularly talks about ” My 4 Hearts – Surviving my Second Life after a Sudden Cardiac Arrest” in courses and events. His story was on the cover of AHA 2008 annual report. See