Global Virtual Campus Fall 2019. Global Management Courses and SDGs. #DrLepervancheMobileCampus

Fall 2019 #GlobalVirtualCampus continues with our#GlobalManagement courses and the #SDGs. We are going to visit old and new countries, explore and visit global companies inlcuding USA companies in Europe and European companies that are impacting USA economy. We will see how local governments and working with local companies to support the Sustainable Development Goals. We will incorporate emerging energies and technologies to our courses’ content. We will add outdoors learning to combine more formal and non-formal higher education.

We will use this Fall Faculty Virtual Semester abroad to expand our courses. We are global learners and professors enhancing our Global Management courses.

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Summer Term Lessons: Change, Example, Sustainability, Travel & Learning

Summer term is winding down and it is time to extract the lessons we are going to carry to next term. Change Management continued as one of our main topics. We have to plan for changes based on our priorities, values, and beliefs. We have to be ready for unexpected changes that can impact our personal and professional life. Our actions, talks, and thoughts should be an example to others in our circles of influence. We live in one globe that we have to protect. We should embrace sustainability actions to build a better world. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a good set of global goals to add our contribution and make it happen. The more we travel, the more we learn about others. Share your learning experiences and influence others to know more our planet.

During Summer 2019 more than 40,000 Scouts from more than 150 countries attended the 24th World Scout Jamboree in the USA. Former UN Secretary General and Scouter from Korea Ban Ki-moon challenged Scouts to be Global citizens, be champions of the Sustainable Development Goals, and be agents of climate change. We want to combine his recommendations with our lessons in our courses. We continue enhancing our formal and non-formal educational methods to improve higher education management programs. Our digital leaders of the future are already leading their youth groups in their countries. Be prepared.

Creating the Smart Digital Future. European Conference on Networks and Communications and the Global 5G Event in Valencia, Spain.

2019 06 EUCNC
We visited the expo of EUCNC2019 European Conference on Networks and Communications and the Global 5G Event. We found innovative technologies to improve many industries. We will share what we found in our #GlobalManagement and #TechnologyManagement courses. 
2019 06 EUCNC 2
Robotic arm to deal with high-precision tasks in medical, entertainment, industrial manufacturing and more.  
2019 06 EUCNC 3
Driving inside using #5G to control an automated car outside. Only in #EUCNC2019 Expo.
2019 06 EUCNC 4
Driving inside using #5G to control an automated car outside. Only in #EUCNC2019 Expo.
2019 06 EUCNC 5
Driving inside using #5G to control an automated car outside. Only in #EUCNC2019 Expo.
2019 06 EUCNC 6
Robotic arm to deal with high-precision tasks in medical, entertainment, industrial manufacturing and more.  
2019 06 EUCNC 7
Robotic arm to deal with high-precision tasks in medical, entertainment, industrial manufacturing and more.  

In the near future 5G Networks are expected to be bring new innovations in the technological, economic, societal and environmental perspectives. The promise is to have better performance in terms of latency, reliability, energy efficiency, wireless broadband capacity, elasticity, and more. New applications in automated vehicles, robotics, and e-health are some of the areas where industries will see big changes.

Discussion: Search for benefits of 5G Networks as they relate to your workplace. How these 5G technologies can improve your industry or area of work?

USA Elections Day. #AmericanByChoice #IamAnImmigrant

On 2008 we have the right and duty of voting in our first USA Elections.

Our post at that time:

“It is time to vote in the general elections on November 4th. It is a huge responsibility to participate and elect our next president, other public functionaries, and to decide on several amendments. Our decisions are important and the weight of those decisions are heavy. The “I voted” sticker represents the weight of our decisions. It marks us for doing both our duty and our right to vote. The “Early Voting Site’ sign shows us that we believe in our electoral system. We can vote before and know that our vote will be counted. Please remember to vote. It is heavy but you will feel lighter after voting. My wife and I voted for the first time in a US presidential election and we feel great and grateful.”


We have participated in all USA elections since 2008 and we normally vote early. We study the options and amendments and pray to make a wise selection. We think that voting is a right but also a great responsibility. It is our duty to this great country that accepted us as #AmericanByChoice”. We chose to be a legal immigrant to find better opportunities for our family. We fought and gave time, knowledge, and efforts to make our born country a better one. We crossed boundaries and became global citizens to share the beautiful places you can find in your own country. We travel the world to pray for peace, liberty, and justice. Today, as in any elections, please use the best of your abilities to select the best leaders, managers, and administrators to improve our communities. Pray and act to help other communities in need. #IAmAnImmigrant by choice but many other immigrants have no choice. They are leaving their countries because local conditions are not offering minimum standards to have a peaceful life. Peace.


HEAd’18 Keynote speakers | How to be prepared to influence the instant knowledge generations to be engaged global learners | Prof. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia


4th International Conference on Higher Education Advances (HEAd’18)
June 20 – 22, 2018 · Valencia (Spain)

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following topic areas:

  • Innovative materials and new tools for teaching.
  • Teaching and learning experiences.
  • Educational technology (e.g., virtual labs, e-learning).
  • Evaluation and assessment of student learning.
  • Emerging technologies in learning (e.g., MOOC, OER, gamification).
  • Educational strategies.
  • Experiences outside the classroom (e.g., practicums, mobility).
  • New teaching/learning theories and models.
  • Globalization in education and education reforms.
  • Learning for employment.
  • Education accreditation, quality and assessment.
  • Competency-based learning and skill assessment.

Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia (@DrLepervanche) currently works as Professor of Management at Florida State College at Jacksonville. He also teaches Information Systems and eBusiness courses in online graduate programs. He was an Internet pioneer when he introduced the first commercial online service in Venezuela in the early 90s. He has been online publisher, web developer, Internet strategist and consultant, emerging technologies early adopter, and online professor since 1999. His blogs, newsletters, and videos are shared in online and ground courses. Visit to use his online resources to enhance learning experiences. After visiting more than 50 countries he developed his Global Learning Opportunities Building Engagement (GLOBE) educational model. He founded Global Learning News, a collaborative news outlet to integrate global knowledge by areas and to bring learning outside of the classroom. Resources include Outdoors University News, Global Learning Adventures, Free Campus Videos, and Scouting Adventures. In Spanish Aventura Global, Aventuras y Cronicas and Aventuras Scouts.aennJNOA

He is TEDxFSCJ Founder and Organizer. He uses TED, TED-Ed, and TEDx Talks to enhance management instruction beyond the classroom. He has published more than 50 TED Ed Lessons for higher education. TED videos and TED Ed Lessons have been embedded into discussions, announcements, and assignments. TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures are small events created to do roundtables about topics related to Social Responsibility, Leadership, and Sustainable Development Goals using TED resources.

He is a retired Lieutenant Commander from the Venezuelan Navy and he has a Nuclear Engineer degree and a M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His undergraduate degree from the Venezuelan Naval Academy (First of the Class) is Lic. in Naval Sciences. He also was Honor Graduate of the International Electronic Warfare Course at the US Navy Atlantic Fleet Combat Training Center in Virginia. He earned his PhD in Organization & Management with specialization in Information Technology Management from Capella University

He is lifelong Scout leader in Venezuela and Boy Scouts of America (BSA). He was one of the 43 2009 BSA National Distinguished Scoutmasters. He was Scoutmaster / Course Director of North Florida Council’s National Youth Leadership Training. He developed a Personal Leadership Model to help youth leaders find their way to college and future careers. He is currently Vice President of Scouting Programs for BSA North Florida Council and Sea Scouts leader. He has been Unit Leader to World Jamboree in Japan, International Scottish Jamborette and BSA National Scout Jamboree. He is a Sudden Cardiac Arrest survivor after being saved with CPR/ AED during a Boy Scouts Summer Camp.