Hiroshima 70 Years Later: Origami Cranes for Peace | Global Learning Series


Hiroshima 70 Years Later: Origami Cranes for Peace.

An interactive presentation including folding of paper origami cranes to remember Hiroshima atomic bombings and to ask for worldwide peace.

No more Hiroshimas! is the expression used to ask for peace and that “never will be any additional uses of nuclear bombs on cities or against people”.

The Hiroshima Peace Program during 23rd world Scout Jamboree is a program created by the Scouts of Hiroshima. A one-day off-site program to Hiroshima provided opportunity for all 34,000 Scouts from 150 countries to learn from the events of 1945. Participants visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park including the museum. As Messengers of Peace, World Scouts have the responsibility to share their experiences and continue the Hiroshima Peace Program in their own countries.



Hiroshima 70 Years Later: Origami Cranes for Peace. 23rd World Scout Jamboree. Japan 2015.
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Highlights of World Scout Jamboree 2015

Global Learning Adventures during 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan 2015
Hiroshima Memorial Museum and Park.
Yokohama – Mitsubishi Industrial Museum
Here is a video done on Aug 6, 2015 about Hiroshima Peace Program in English and Spanish. Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche on the 70th Anniversary of the Hiroshima Bombing (English). Video by Antonio A. Camacho from BSA Troop 004 23rd World Scout Jamboree. August 6th, 2015 after 70th Anniversary Ceremony at Kirara-Hama, Yamaguchi, Japan. #WSJ2015 #HiroshimaPeaceProgram #MessengersofPeace
Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche, Scouter BSA Troop 204 23rd World Scout Jamboree
Spanish video:
Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche en el 70 Aniversario del lanzamiento de la bomba atomica en Hiroshima (En Español). Video por Antonio A. Camacho de BSA Troop 004 23 Jamboree Scout Mundial. 6 de Agosto 2015 después de Ceremonia 70 Aniversario en Kirara-Hama, Yamaguchi, Japón. #WSJ2015 #HiroshimaPeaceProgram #MensajerosdelaPaz
Video: Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche, Scouter BSA Troop 204 23 Jamboree Scout Mundial
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