Virtual FSCJ Business Education Center and Outdoors Classrooms in Second Life 2009.

Second Life platform ( was used to create a virtual community for Florida State College at Jacksonville back in 2009. Parts of this FSCJ Virtual Second Life College were our Business Education Center and Outdoors Classrooms. It had a conference classroom with interactive walls to show presentations, an outdoors circular classroom around a campfire, and an outdoors field with a Likert scale. We used avatars for students and the professor. We were already in our ancient Metaverse. #OutdoorsLearning #OutdoorsClassrooms #SecondLifeVirtualCollege #SecondLifeBusinessEducationCenter

FSCJ Virtual Second Life Business Education Center included a large conference table and interactive walls for presentations. This example show Business Club Fall Events and our drawing about the S-curve of Change #josetoons.

Outdoors Classroom included a person size Lickert scale space. Students used this space to answer specific questions by moving their avatar to the specific answer space.

Web Development. Back to HTML Basics.

We started creating webpages with HTML before the graphic browsers were in the market. When Mosaic was released in 1993 we were working on one of the online services converting files to the new visual platform. This is a sample of one of our first webpages that still can be found in webpages archives. HTML evolved and easy to program software and templates came. Fundamental HTML coding was and still is very important to understand how webpages are organized and displayed. 

It is time to go back to HTML Basics to understand the fundamentals of Web Development.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards.

W3 Schools is a school for web developers, covering all the aspects of web development.

Travel, explore, discover, learn, and educate. Last Day of Class 2021. / Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche

Last Day of Class Spring 2021. Travel, explore, discover, learn, and educate more during and after Pandemic restrictions.

These are the five tips that we are sharing with our students:

  1. Travel more. during pandemic we have been restricted and we have learned why we travel.
  2. Explore more cities and places that you do not know.
  3. Discover more. Find the treasures.
  4. Learn more about the topics you like.
  5. Educate others how to learn.

From TEDxFSCJ to TEDxSaguntoStudio. Keep learning and make this a better world. Keep yourself always in the Learning Edge. Suscribe to our Global Campus YouTube Channel.

Global Learning Adventures. Our Travel Lessons. Outdoors Learning.

Global Learning Adventures are lessons learned while traveling to different countries. More than 40 countries and 40 years of Global Learning opportunities are used to enhance International Management and Technology Management Courses. Our Travel Lessons include topics in strategic management, global engagement, leadership, systems, cultures, politics, economies, projects, education, and the environment. This overview integrates all the areas that are covered in other Global Learning Adventures videos. The more we travel, the more we learn, the more we share, and the more we teach.


Online Learning Collaboration While Some Students are Sick or Working Overload / #Coronavirus2020

#OnlineLearningCollaboration. Students and professors at home are keeping online courses going while some classmates are sick or working overload. Let’s increase online learning collaboration to complete this term. Professors are extending due dates and modifying assignments and projects. Students are collaborating with classmates in team projects. 




CyberChronicles #CoronavirusUpdate – Business Problem Solving Model

CyberChronicles – MIS – Business Problem Solving Model

#CoronavirusUpdate. 2020 pandemic is forcing companies and individuals to solve new business and technology problems. This video has been used to use a problem solving model. New models and fast solutions have evolved with the years. Search and see how technologies are solving new problems. 

CyberChronicles – MIS – Business Problem Solving Model. A nuclear research reactor control systems problem.

Video link:  CyberChronicles – MIS – Business Problem Solving Model

#StayAtHome Calendar “Region of Valencia in 30 days”

#StayAtHome has been the hashtag during the alarm time in Spain for the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Different initiatives have emerged to motivate people to make virtual visits to museums and places of interest. Our proposal is a calendar of sites and activities in the #RegionOfValencia. For several years we have visited cities and towns in the provinces of Castellón, Valencia, and Alicante. During the Cultural Tourism Specialization Course and our Geolocalization of Jewish Quarters project in the Valencian Community, we had the opportunity to explore cities and towns with a broader perspective on geography, history, customs, and traditions.

We invite you to locate these images and inquire about them during this time at home. Discover and learn something new, and share your images, videos, links about what you have learned on social networks. Educate your family and friends and use # MediterraneanLive and #CulturalTourism. This initiative is part of our global travel plan #TravelExploreDiscoverLearnEducate.

We have a great opportunity to collaborate in recovering tourism. Start planning your trips and travel again. # ThisTooShallPass #WeWillTravelAgain

Global Management At Sea / Transatlantic Ocean Crossing Online Course Content / Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche

Rhapsody of the Seas. La Palma, Canary Islands. 2019

Global Management at Sea
Unit 1. Tourism and Hospitality Management
1.1. Tourism Management at Sea. Ports of Call. Excursions. Cultural Tourism
1.2. Hospitality Management at Sea. Hotel Services. Food and Beverages
Unit 2. Ship Management and Careers at Sea
2.1. Cruise Ships Management
2.2. Cargo Ships Management
2.3. Tall Ships Management
2.3. Careers at Sea. Maritime industries. Coast Guard and Navy. Sea Scouts
Unit 3. Information Systems and Communications at Sea
3.1. Information Systems at Sea
3.2. Communications at Sea. Internet at Sea
Unit 4. Environmental, Weather, and Health Management at Sea
4.1. Environmental Management at Sea
4.2. Weather Management at Sea
4.3. Health Management at Sea
Unit 5. Port Management and International Logistics
5.1. Port Management. Port Services. Pilots.
5.2. International Logistics
Online courses: Global Management, International Business, Management of Information Systems
Keywords: #SemesterAtSea, #SpringBreak #SpringTerm #SummerTerm #DrLepervancheCampus #DrLepervancheCampusAtSea

Online courses: Global Management, International Business, Management of Information Systems

The 3R: One Option to Take Care of the Environment

Welcome to our first day of class. A New Year always brings new ideas to explore. We continue with our #TravelExploreDiscoverLearnEducate initiatives to bring extra content to our courses. We will follow the modules and concepts in the course but we aware that I normally add current events and topics related to global issues and the Sustainable Development Goals. This course has been our Online Learning Lab for years and it has been a great opportunity to introduce innovative learning initiatives. Welcome aboard. 

Today many countries celebrate Wise Men Day. We want to use this day to remind you about the Three Rs of the Environment: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We want to use emerging technologies and systems to take care of our environment. You can make your own impact by using these rules at home. Let’s take care of our planet with the systems and concepts that we will learn during this course.