Big Data and Information Overload | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche | #josetoons

Big Data and Information Overload are tied together. Valuable information is key and excess of data can create a big issue. Why?

E-learning Overload 2.0 

Here is a cartoon I drew years ago to illustrate this issue. What do you think? How do you handle information overload?




Integration of Technology, Organizations, and People in MIS | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche

Overview of Management of Information Systems with emphasis in the importance of knowing both business and IT sides and integration between people, technology and organization. Problem solving approach and change. Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche

Technology, Organizations, and People – Integration of Technology, Organizations, and People in MIS. –

Mission Critical: Social Media for Small Business Workshop | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche | FSCJ

Web 2.0 and the Business Environment

Facebook, Twitter, Free Source, YouTube, Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts, and so much more – a new vocabulary has emerged with the integration of Web 2.0 and our business world. FSCJ Open Campus November 2010.

Comercio Electronico | Conferencia Web en Universidad Nacional a Distancia de Colombia | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche [ESP]

“Comercio Electronico: Conceptos y Modelos de Negocios”

Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche
Profesor de Gerencia y Sistemas en Florida State College at Jacksonville y UNAD Florida. Consultor e investigador especialista en Internet, Comercio electronico, empresas y educacion virtual. PhD en Organizacion y Gerencial con especializacion en Technologias de Informacion, Capella University. MS en Ingenieria Nuclear, Masachusetts Institute of Technology. Licenciado en Ciencias Navales, Escuela Naval de Venezuela

1. Que es el Comercio Electronico
2. Como funciona
3. Ventajas
4. Seguridad
5. Experiencias exitosas.

Vea la conferencia aqui.

E-commerce, digital markets, and digital goods

1. What are the unique features of e-commerce, digital markets, and digital goods?
2. How has Internet technology changed business models?
3. What are the various types of e-commerce, and how has e-commerce changed consumer retailing and business-to-business transactions?
4. What is the role of m-commerce in business, and what are the most important m-commerce applications?
5. What are the principal payment systems for electronic commerce?

Funciones de la Empresa como un Sistema y el Ambiente Externo | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche [ESP]

Un Sistema es un conjunto de elementos relacionados entre si que interactuan segun una entrada para producir in resultado. Si la entrada cambia debido a una retroalimentacion, el proceso cambia produciendo un resultado diferente.
Un sistema informatico recibe informacion (INPUT), la procesa (PROCESSING, y produce un resultado (OUTPUT). La retroalimentacion (FEEDBACK) modifica la entrada, cambia el proceso y produce un resultado diferente.
El video en Ingles (sub-titulos en Español auto generado por YouTube disponible) aplica el concepto de Sistema para explicar las funciones de una empresa. La entrada son los proveedores, los procesos son todas las funciones, y el resultado o salida es el producto o servicio de la empresa. De acuerdo a la gestion empresarial, la retroalimentacion cambia la entrada para mejorar las funciones y obtener mejores resultados.
Los sistemas son la base de todos los desarrollos informaticos y gerenciales.
Este video esta en Ingles pero esta bien facil de entender. Lo usamos para que estudiantes de gerencia y emprendimiento entiendan que todo se puede simplificar si se aplica la teoria de sistemas, no solo a informatica, sino a todos los procesos como el sistema nervioso, respiratorio, energia, cominicaciones, politico, etc.
Próximamente hare videos en Español.
En mi canal de YouTube hay varios videos que son de utilidad para estudiantes de sistemas, informatica y gerencia. Suscribete.

Mobile Devices and Social Media: Instant News and Knowledge | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche | #CitizenReporters

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 12.47.01 PM

#CitizensReporters have been using #MobileDevices and #SocialMedia to share instant news, videos, texts, and pictures during times of crisis. We have seen political demonstrations, elections, events, disasters, and many more cases. We have in our hands a powerful computer, communicator, and camera to share and connect with family and friends. We also use these technologies to access #InstantKnowledge about the events, stories, and background information. We are more connected to our mobile devices but also using them to be more connected to people.

#HurricaneMaria and #EarthquakeMexico2017 are recent examples about the use of mobile technologies and smartphone apps to send emergency messages, find relatives, share videos and pictures that later are shown in traditional TV channels.

The issue is to avoid censorship, hacking, fake news, and disruption of the signal. People in Puerto Rico are struggling to communicate and share that they are safe. People in Mexico are using social media to find their missing relatives. In both cases they are using their mobile devices to ask for help. These are small examples of the increasing dependence of technologies and energy. The bottom line is to know what we are learning during emergencies. We continue with our adapted #Scouting mottos: #BePreparedForemergencies, #BePreparedToChange.

What are we learning about the use of social media and mobile devices?

Here is the report and pictures from Alan Taylor | The Atlantic:
Disconnected by Disaster—Photos From a Battered Puerto Rico

Here is our CNN iReport about the use of mobile technologies during another crisis.
#CitizensReporters 2013
CNN iReport: Venezuelan Elections in New Orleans | #CitizenReporters

2013 CNN iReport JGL Reporter2013 JGL iReport CNN Cellular

Global Information Systems | FSCJ Library Guide | LibGuides

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 4.58.46 PM

Here is our Global Information Systems FSCJ Library Guide developed with FSCJ Deerwood Library. Is is an integration of videos and extra resources used in our courses plus additional resources provided by the library. We piloted this library guide in the ISM4011 summer online courses. We are now sharing it with new ISM4011 courses.

This is the link:

The library also developed our Global Management library guide