Global Story Maps: Geolocalization and Storytelling using Pictures and Maps.

Geolocalization and Storytelling: Pictures and Maps with Stories to enhance outdoors learning experiences.

Our outdoors learning experiences have used pictures, maps, videos, and stories to enhance our face-to-face and online courses. We have used Google Maps to geolocalize landmarks, bridges, ports, churches, recycling bins, and companies plus may other places useful in topics in our courses. We have brought the learning experiences outside the classroom. We have used our field trips, global travels, and events to document our visits using our own pictures. Many of them have been shared via social media.

We have also created MyMaps drawn by hand. They have been used in whiteboards in classrooms and shared in online courses and social media slides. #DrJoseMaps

We have integrated pictures, maps, and stories using ArcGIS Story Maps. It has been a great tool to create presentations, slideshows, and videos. We decided to add all #GlobalLearningMaps and #GlobalStoryMaps in one StoryMap.

Global Learning Maps Link:

A blog was created to integrate all previous and current resources. Global Story Maps include Google Maps, ArcGIS Story Maps, MyMaps, pictures and maps, all related posts. Keep track of updates via

Judería de Chelva. Barrio Azoque. Chelva Jewish Quarter.

#JuderíaDeChelva #GlobalStoryMaps. Judería de Chelva. Barrio Azoque. Chelva Jewish Quarter. Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia. Geolocalización de portales, calles, y callejones del barrio Judío del Azoque. Comunitat Valenciana. Turismo Cultural. #ChelvaJewishQuarter

Judería de Sagunto. Recorridos por el Morvedre Hebreo. [ESP]. #SaguntoJewishQuarters

#JuderíaDeSagunto. Recorrido nocturno por la Judería de Sagunto con Quiero Cultura. Require reservar. Ver Story Map para ver el recorrido por la judería mas importante de la Comunidad Valenciana. Visita Guiada Nocturna.
Recorrido nocturno por la Judería de Sagunto. Tour organizado por Quiero Cultura.

#JuderíaDeSagunto#SaguntoJewishQuarters. Today!!! Night tour of the Jewish quarter of Sagunto with Quiero Cultura. Requires booking. See Story Map to see the tour of the most important Jewish quarter in the Valencian Community. Guided Night Tour.Night tour of the Jewish quarter of Sagunto.

Global Learning Maps and StoryMaps

Corinavirus2020 and #COVID19 have changed us forever. During these months of lockdown we have been more time online confined at home. We have used this time to reassess our priorities and plans. We are outdoors again and we want to continue sharing outdoors learning activities. We encourage you to follow our global collaborators via websites and social media.

We are continuing Outdoors University posts updating our Outdoors Global Learning Maps, Story Maps. and Global Learning Adventures Global Maps. (

Global Learning Adventures Global Maps. Global Learning Adventures Global Maps with Prof. Flor Ramirez Lepervanche and Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche. Countries, cities, waterways, cruises, and more travel adventures. Visit our detailed “Global Learning Adventures StoryMaps” via

The 3R: One Option to Take Care of the Environment

Welcome to our first day of class. A New Year always brings new ideas to explore. We continue with our #TravelExploreDiscoverLearnEducate initiatives to bring extra content to our courses. We will follow the modules and concepts in the course but we aware that I normally add current events and topics related to global issues and the Sustainable Development Goals. This course has been our Online Learning Lab for years and it has been a great opportunity to introduce innovative learning initiatives. Welcome aboard. 

Today many countries celebrate Wise Men Day. We want to use this day to remind you about the Three Rs of the Environment: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We want to use emerging technologies and systems to take care of our environment. You can make your own impact by using these rules at home. Let’s take care of our planet with the systems and concepts that we will learn during this course. 

Global Virtual Campus Fall 2019. Global Management Courses and SDGs. #DrLepervancheMobileCampus

Fall 2019 #GlobalVirtualCampus continues with our#GlobalManagement courses and the #SDGs. We are going to visit old and new countries, explore and visit global companies inlcuding USA companies in Europe and European companies that are impacting USA economy. We will see how local governments and working with local companies to support the Sustainable Development Goals. We will incorporate emerging energies and technologies to our courses’ content. We will add outdoors learning to combine more formal and non-formal higher education.

We will use this Fall Faculty Virtual Semester abroad to expand our courses. We are global learners and professors enhancing our Global Management courses.

Be a #GlobalLearner#GlobalLearning #OutdoorsLearning #TransformationalEducation #DrLepervancheCampus 

Photo: #Windenergy #DrLepervanche_LaPalma #DrLepervanche_CanaryIslands

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Summer Term Lessons: Change, Example, Sustainability, Travel & Learning

Summer term is winding down and it is time to extract the lessons we are going to carry to next term. Change Management continued as one of our main topics. We have to plan for changes based on our priorities, values, and beliefs. We have to be ready for unexpected changes that can impact our personal and professional life. Our actions, talks, and thoughts should be an example to others in our circles of influence. We live in one globe that we have to protect. We should embrace sustainability actions to build a better world. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a good set of global goals to add our contribution and make it happen. The more we travel, the more we learn about others. Share your learning experiences and influence others to know more our planet.

During Summer 2019 more than 40,000 Scouts from more than 150 countries attended the 24th World Scout Jamboree in the USA. Former UN Secretary General and Scouter from Korea Ban Ki-moon challenged Scouts to be Global citizens, be champions of the Sustainable Development Goals, and be agents of climate change. We want to combine his recommendations with our lessons in our courses. We continue enhancing our formal and non-formal educational methods to improve higher education management programs. Our digital leaders of the future are already leading their youth groups in their countries. Be prepared.

Leadership, Social Responsibility, and Sustainable Development Goals | TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures | #GLOBE4SDGs


Global Learning Opportunities Building Engagement (GLOBE) project integrating United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals with TED Talks related to Leadership and Social Responsibility. Students select TED videos and produce an individual report about speaker contributions to one or more SDGs. Teams select a video to produce a TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures’ presentation. Students select the best videos to create a TED Ed Lesson for online discussions. This GLOBE project idea can be used for future courses including new TED Talks and different SDGs. #GLOBE4SDGs

Global Learning Opportunities Building Engagement & the SDGs / Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche / #GLOBE4SDGs

In front of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. How to be a global learner using the Global Learning Opportunities Building Engagement (GLOBE) educational model and the Sustainable Development Goals. GLOBE and the SDGs are used in the following courses: Selected Topics in Management, International Business, Management of Information Systems, Strategic Management, and Global Management. #GLOBE4SDGs

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