Global Story Maps: Geolocalization and Storytelling using Pictures and Maps.

Geolocalization and Storytelling: Pictures and Maps with Stories to enhance outdoors learning experiences.

Our outdoors learning experiences have used pictures, maps, videos, and stories to enhance our face-to-face and online courses. We have used Google Maps to geolocalize landmarks, bridges, ports, churches, recycling bins, and companies plus may other places useful in topics in our courses. We have brought the learning experiences outside the classroom. We have used our field trips, global travels, and events to document our visits using our own pictures. Many of them have been shared via social media.

We have also created MyMaps drawn by hand. They have been used in whiteboards in classrooms and shared in online courses and social media slides. #DrJoseMaps

We have integrated pictures, maps, and stories using ArcGIS Story Maps. It has been a great tool to create presentations, slideshows, and videos. We decided to add all #GlobalLearningMaps and #GlobalStoryMaps in one StoryMap.

Global Learning Maps Link:

A blog was created to integrate all previous and current resources. Global Story Maps include Google Maps, ArcGIS Story Maps, MyMaps, pictures and maps, all related posts. Keep track of updates via

Judería de Sagunto. Recorridos por el Morvedre Hebreo. [ESP]. #SaguntoJewishQuarters

#JuderíaDeSagunto. Recorrido nocturno por la Judería de Sagunto con Quiero Cultura. Require reservar. Ver Story Map para ver el recorrido por la judería mas importante de la Comunidad Valenciana. Visita Guiada Nocturna.
Recorrido nocturno por la Judería de Sagunto. Tour organizado por Quiero Cultura.

#JuderíaDeSagunto#SaguntoJewishQuarters. Today!!! Night tour of the Jewish quarter of Sagunto with Quiero Cultura. Requires booking. See Story Map to see the tour of the most important Jewish quarter in the Valencian Community. Guided Night Tour.Night tour of the Jewish quarter of Sagunto.

Global Learning Maps and StoryMaps

Corinavirus2020 and #COVID19 have changed us forever. During these months of lockdown we have been more time online confined at home. We have used this time to reassess our priorities and plans. We are outdoors again and we want to continue sharing outdoors learning activities. We encourage you to follow our global collaborators via websites and social media.

We are continuing Outdoors University posts updating our Outdoors Global Learning Maps, Story Maps. and Global Learning Adventures Global Maps. (

Global Learning Adventures Global Maps. Global Learning Adventures Global Maps with Prof. Flor Ramirez Lepervanche and Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche. Countries, cities, waterways, cruises, and more travel adventures. Visit our detailed “Global Learning Adventures StoryMaps” via