TEDxSaguntoStudio. Our new project after TEDxFSCJ

Prof. Flor Lepervanche and Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia. TEDxSaguntoStudio Organizers.

[ENG] TEDxSaguntoStudio is an interactive initiative that brings you new ideas within the boundaries of the Camp of Morvedre, Valencian Community creating local TEDx talks. The hub of these innovative ideas is the city of Sagunto, surrounding areas, and towns.

Sagunto is the center of historic, cultural, and industrial areas. Port of Sagunto has an active Maritime Port, a beautiful beach, and a very important industrial heritage. Parc Sagunt is one of the largest business parks in Europe. The Environmental Center of the Valencian community is also located in Sagunto. TEDxSaguntoStudio wants to highlight outdoors learning activities and ideas.

TEDxSaguntoStudio wants to explore these centers and highlight current and futures ideas that can impact, not only the community of Camp de Morvedre, but also the Valencian Community, Spain, Europe, and the rest of the world. TEDxSaguntoStudio will also expand its actions to highlight Youth Leadership in Science, Education, and other social initiatives. Digital leaders of tomorrow are already making waves in this community.

TEDxSaguntoWomen 2019 was our opportunity to explore new ideas in the Port of Sagunto.

[ESP] TEDxSaguntoStudio es un laboratorio de incubación de ideas para destacar las iniciativas innovadoras en el Camp de Morvedre, Comunidad Valenciana. El centro de estas iniciativas es la ciudad de Sagunto y sus alrededores. Sagunto es el centro de áreas históricas, culturales e industriales. El Puerto de Sagunto cuenta con un Puerto Marítimo activo, una playa de interés turístico y un patrimonio industrial muy importante. Parc Sagunt es uno de los parques empresariales más grandes de Europa. El Centro de Educación Ambiental de la Comunidad Valenciana también se encuentra en Sagunto. TEDxSaguntoStudio quiere dar a conocer ideas y actividades educativas al aire libre.

TEDxSaguntoStudio quiere explorar estos centros y destacar las ideas actuales y futuras que pueden impactar, no solo a la comunidad de Camp de Morvedre, sino también a la Comunidad Valenciana, España, Europa y el resto del mundo.TEDxSaguntoStudio también ampliará sus acciones para destacar el liderazgo juvenil en ciencia, educación y otras iniciativas sociales. Los líderes digitales del mañana ya están haciendo olas en esta comunidad.

Areas iniciales de Incubación de Ideas:

1. Desarrollo Ambiental – CEACV, Aguas, Energia, Reciclaje, etc.

2. Desarrollo Cultural e Histórico – Arqueología, Arte, Judería, Patrimonios, etc.

3. Desarrollo de Negocios – Logística, Turismo, etc.

4. Desarrollo Social – Liderazgo Juvenil, Educación, Igualdad, etc.

5. Desarrollo Tecnológico – Drones de Rescate, Comunicaciones, Innovaciones, etc.

Follow TEDxSaguntoStudio updates via Facebook. The “X” is still marking the spot for new ideas.

TEDxSaguntoStudio Organizer and TEDxFSCJ Founder Organizer

TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures

Geolocalization of Albarracin Jewish Quarter / #GoogleMaps

Global Story Maps

#JuderíaDeAlbarracín. Geolocalization of Albarracín Jewish Quarter in Google Maps #AlbarracinJewishQuarter

#JuderíaDeAlbarracín. Ermita de San Juan. Localización de antigua Sinagoga de Albarracín. We arrived to Albarracín to geolocalize #AlbarracinJewishQuarter. #JuderíasDeAragón#JuderíasDeEuropa.

#JuderíaDeAlbarracín. We hiked from Guadalaviar river up to Plaza Mayor. Then we crossed the Cathedral and Castillo to arrive to the Ermita de San Juan. This is supposed to be the localization of the ancient synagogue of Albarracin. Narrow streets, portal, and walls cover until Torre Balnca. From this location you are able to take a trail to cross the river to top of Cueva de los Judios hill. Albarracin Jewish Quarter was here. We have geolocalized it. #AlbarracinJewishQuarter

Museo Municipal…

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Video Conferences Fatigue during Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus COVID-19 Lockdown created an immediate need for live online communications. Governments and offices sent employees to work at home. Schools, colleges, and universities send staff, professors, and students to continue Spring term using online learning platforms. Our online education world experienced an immediate increase of virtual meetings, webinars, and live lecturers. Synchronous learning model was suddenly in the spotlight.
We have been in online education for more than 20 years. We have observed and implemented many Asynchronous learning model courses. Students learn at their own pace and time. It is the preferred model of working professionals who pursue higher degrees. We continue working in our online courses while we continue supporting our colleagues, parents, and students to complete this term.
Webinars have also increased using popular video conferencing systems. After doing several Webinars Marathons, workers, presenters, instructors, professors, students have develop “Video Conferences’ Fatigue. We have read several reports about it that motivated this drawing. When lockdown ends to a new normal level, remember to explore asynchronous learning courses.

I will be outdoors again. I will resist !!! – Resistiré !!!

 Coronavirus 2020 Chronicles. We are confined at home during Spain State of Alarm due to Coronavirus and COVID-19. I only go out to bring our recyclables to the street recycling bins. I can also go to the supermarkets or municipal market to buy groceries. I have to wear face masks and bring my own bags and shopping cart. When I return home I have to place my phone, wallet, and keys inside a small container. I have to remove masks, gloves, and shoes and all have to be cleaned and disinfected. I remove all clothes and place them in a bag to be ready to be washed. We added a red tape line to cross beyond the entrance. I have to wash and disinfect my hands before going to the shower. I feel like an astronaut after a spacewalk. Welcome to our Home Space Station.  

“Resistiré” (English: “I Will Resist”) is a song by the Spanish group Dúo Dinámico (Dynamic Duo in English) that we listen every day at 8 pm along with the applause that we dedicate to the health services.  

The Force of Online Education in times of Coronavirus 2020.

The Force of Online Education is helping teachers, professors, parents, and students in times of Coronavirus. We all have to find innovative and collaborative methods to continue with the school year and Spring semester. Online learning has been been in main stream for more than 20 years. Technologies and educational models have been integrated to bring new knowledge to our students’ screens.
The challenge is to use online learning to enhance online professionals and employees. Next managers in global organizations should add new health and social distancing rules that will impact all workforce. May the Online Force be with you! Virus Wars saga continue. #VirusWars #OnlineEducationForce #OnlineLearning

“Comunitat Valenciana en 30 Dias”. Calendario #QuédateEnCasa.

#QuédateEnCasa ha sido la consigna durante el tiempo de alarma en España por el Coronavirus (COVID-19). Diferentes iniciativas han surgido para motivar a la gente a realizar visitas virtuales a museos y sitios de interés. Nuestra propuesta es un calendario de sitios y actividades en la #ComunitatValenciana. Desde hace varioa años hemos visitado ciudades y pueblos de las provincias de Castellón, Valencia, y Alicante. Durante el Curso de Especialización de Turismo Cultural y nuestro proyecto de Geolocalización de Juderías de la Comunidad Valenciana tuvimos la opoertunidad de explorar ciudades y pueblos con una perspectiva mas amplia acerca de la geografía, historia, costumbres, y tradiciones.

Durante este tiempo en casa, los invitamos a ubicar estas imágenes e investigar acerca de ellas. Descubre y aprende algo nuevo, y comparte tus imagenes, videos, enlaces acerca de lo aprendido en las redes sociales. Educa a tu familia y amigos y usa #MediterráneoEnVivo y #TurismoCultural. Esta iniciativa es parte de nuestro plan global de viajes #ViajaExploraDescubreAprendeEduca.

Tenemos una gran oportunidad para colaborar en recuperar el turismo. Empieza a planear tus viajes y vuelve a viajar de nuevo. #EstoTambiénPasará #ViajaremosDeNuevo.

The 3R: One Option to Take Care of the Environment

Welcome to our first day of class. A New Year always brings new ideas to explore. We continue with our #TravelExploreDiscoverLearnEducate initiatives to bring extra content to our courses. We will follow the modules and concepts in the course but we aware that I normally add current events and topics related to global issues and the Sustainable Development Goals. This course has been our Online Learning Lab for years and it has been a great opportunity to introduce innovative learning initiatives. Welcome aboard. 

Today many countries celebrate Wise Men Day. We want to use this day to remind you about the Three Rs of the Environment: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We want to use emerging technologies and systems to take care of our environment. You can make your own impact by using these rules at home. Let’s take care of our planet with the systems and concepts that we will learn during this course. 

How to Connect Global Higher Education Courses with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals / 2019 FSCJ Distinguished Faculty Award Dr. Jose Lepervanche / 2019 FSCJ Faculty Colloquium

Presentation 2 – How to Connect Global Higher Education Courses with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Dr. Jose Lepervanche, Professor of Supervision and Management AFPD 3135 | Course Num. 7152 | Room 2012 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. Specific SDGs have been incorporated to courses in global management to research how governments, companies, non-profits, communities and people have been connecting them to their vision, plans, goals and activities. These SDGs have been used in assignments, online discussions, projects and class roundtables, TED, TEDx talks, TED Ed Lessons and TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures to complement learning.

2019 FSCJ Distinguished Faculty Award.


Creating the Smart Digital Future. European Conference on Networks and Communications and the Global 5G Event in Valencia, Spain.

2019 06 EUCNC
We visited the expo of EUCNC2019 European Conference on Networks and Communications and the Global 5G Event. We found innovative technologies to improve many industries. We will share what we found in our #GlobalManagement and #TechnologyManagement courses. 
2019 06 EUCNC 2
Robotic arm to deal with high-precision tasks in medical, entertainment, industrial manufacturing and more.  
2019 06 EUCNC 3
Driving inside using #5G to control an automated car outside. Only in #EUCNC2019 Expo.
2019 06 EUCNC 4
Driving inside using #5G to control an automated car outside. Only in #EUCNC2019 Expo.
2019 06 EUCNC 5
Driving inside using #5G to control an automated car outside. Only in #EUCNC2019 Expo.
2019 06 EUCNC 6
Robotic arm to deal with high-precision tasks in medical, entertainment, industrial manufacturing and more.  
2019 06 EUCNC 7
Robotic arm to deal with high-precision tasks in medical, entertainment, industrial manufacturing and more.  

In the near future 5G Networks are expected to be bring new innovations in the technological, economic, societal and environmental perspectives. The promise is to have better performance in terms of latency, reliability, energy efficiency, wireless broadband capacity, elasticity, and more. New applications in automated vehicles, robotics, and e-health are some of the areas where industries will see big changes.

Discussion: Search for benefits of 5G Networks as they relate to your workplace. How these 5G technologies can improve your industry or area of work?


Leadership, Social Responsibility, and Sustainable Development Goals | TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures | #GLOBE4SDGs


Global Learning Opportunities Building Engagement (GLOBE) project integrating United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals with TED Talks related to Leadership and Social Responsibility. Students select TED videos and produce an individual report about speaker contributions to one or more SDGs. Teams select a video to produce a TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures’ presentation. Students select the best videos to create a TED Ed Lesson for online discussions. This GLOBE project idea can be used for future courses including new TED Talks and different SDGs. #GLOBE4SDGs