Sagunto Gas Power Station. Energy in Spain. #NaturalGas

#NaturalGas. “Sagunto Power Station is a natural gas-fired combined-cycled power station in Puerto de Sagunto near Valencia, Spain. It went into operation in 2007. The power station is owned and operated by Unión Fenosa. The power station consists of three identical units with an electrical power output of 1,212.6 MW.” #Wikipedia #IndustrialSagunto #DrLepervanche_PuertoDeSagunto #DrLepervancheCampus #DrLepervanche_Energy #GasNaturalFenosa #Electricity

Big Data – Tim Smith. #bigdata #internet – TED Ed Lesson


There is a mind-boggling amount of data floating around our society. Physicists at CERN have been pondering how to store and share their ever more massive data for decades – stimulating globalization of the internet along the way, whilst ‘solving’ their big data problem. Tim Smith plots CERN’s involvement with big data from fifty years ago to today.


Why big data is important in the creation and development of useful databases? What is the connection with business intelligence?

How big data is useful to solve environmental issues?

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