@DrLepervanche’s Web Media Lab Timeline. Widgets and Gadgets…before e-learning to m-learning and beyond…

@DrLepervanche’s Web Media Lab Timeline. Widgets and Gadgets…before e-learning to m-learning and beyond…

Widgets and Gadgets: From E-learning to M-learning and Beyond
Emerging technologies have allowed online learning to add interactive tools to courses. New web, media and mobile applications or widgets, and new devices or gadgets, bring innovative resources to the hands of students. Education is moving from e-learning to m-learning and beyond as hybrid methods are also being incorporated to both on-land and online courses. Our Web Media Lab (www.webmedialab.org) has been testing these widgets and gadgets applying both Technology Acceptance and Affordability Models to explore real usability beyond courses into real life. Wireless and mobile technologies allow users to be in a virtual office all the time.(ID #145/Track 2)

23rd International Conference on College Teaching and Learning

Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 10:30-11:15 a.m., Heritage C. Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa, a Marriott resort, Ponte Vedra.

What’s Next? What are your life management challenges?

What's next?

What’s Next? this is a question that the Next Manager is asking every day. Constant changes in organizations have challenged people to think about next moves, decisions, plans, and actions. We live day to day and asking What’s next. The Next Manager newsletter (www.nextmanager.org) is using the collaborative effort of Twitter (@Next_Manager) to find answers, guidance, and ideas to keep our daily journeys. Social media have helped us to expand our reach via Internet. Going back to reality and basics we are now using social media in our homes and offices combining online and mobile technology with real “old fashion” technologies. Visit our FSCJ Kent office at D-214, pick a sticky note and post your answer to “What’s Next? on the poster. Welcome to our real “Social Wall”. Online students can post your answer as a comment here. Social wall responses will be shared here. You can access this page via QR Cody cartoon on poster. Like “Next Manager” in Facebook.


QR Codes in mobile education. Coming to a classroom near you.

Quick Response (QR) codes are being used in marketing to reach customers providing an easy way to access content online using smartphones. Mobile technology is also coming to our classrooms in different ways. Interactive syllabi, assignments, class activities, virtual field trips, etc. are using QR codes to motivate current students to add an educational use to their mobile devices. Mobile learning in action.

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