From Data to Business Intelligence. #DrJoseWhiteboard

This graphic shows the steps to convert data into Business Intelligence. We go from big data warehouses to do data mining and extract the pieces that we will filter, analyze and store as records in databases.

We then organize, sort, and clean records to produce information.  We start the process of selecting useful information that we can convert into intelligence. Similar to military intelligence, we study this meaningful information to produce business intelligence for our organization. This business intelligence  allows leaders and managers to make decisions keeping the competitive advantage. Business intelligence is also useful to expand to new markets, explore new countries, and try new systems. Two important considerations are: Control Information Overload and Validate Sources. These will help to have better Data at the Base. It is called “database” for a reason. We are using this graphic and video in our courses. #DrLepervancheCampus

Getting Successful with Social: Tips to Build a Digital Following — Dr. Kevin Campbell, MD

Social Media and the digital space is ubiquitous in today’s society. As consumers of media, we are constantly flooded with data—how can we best handle the influx of information, process it and engage others? Here are some of my TIPS for building a powerful digital following! Social Media use among millennials is widespread and continues […]

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Be Prepared to Change. A Personal Leadership System Overview

Management of Personal Systems. Be Prepared to Change and Lead Yourself to Higher Levels. A Personal Leadership System®. u01 Overview. Time is one thing in the world that we cannot change. Information, communications, family, friends, and work overload our time. We fill our day with activities that overwhelm our capacity to handle them. We need extreme time management methods to cope with stress, un-productivity, and procrastination. Is not about multi-tasking, it is about packed-tasking. Time survivors keep them busy without losing sanity. Busy people always have time to do more. Lazy people always complain about the things they cannot do. Managers select busy people when assembling successful teams. Personal Leadership System (c) developed by Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche ( based on beliefs, values, priorities, lifelong project management, effective delegation, and technology usage to simplify life and work.

Integrating blogs : Learning Edge and Global Learning News

After years of blogging in the Learning Edge we have added several media and social media networks. You can see all online educational resources via our Lepervanche Network tab ( In order to simplify our blogs and other video resources we are updating the Learning Edge with our educational activities and using Global Learning News ( to report about our Global Learning Adventures.

On 60 Minutes, the impact of TED Talks

On 18 minutes or less, the impact of TED Talks in life, justice, and education. TEDx and TED Ed give more opportunities to expand knowledge. #TEDKnowledge

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On tonight’s episode of 60 Minutes, a segment called “TED Talks” tells the story of three TED speakers whose talks rippled out into the world, transforming their own lives as well as the lives of many people who watched. Amy Cuddy shared a deeply personal story that sparked her research into “power posing”; Bryan Stevenson used his talk to raise awareness about legal injustice; and Maysoon Zayid hopes her talk helped give disabled people a new voice.

This 60 Minutes segment was more than a year in the making. Producer Henry Schuster tells the TED Blog that the idea for the story snuck up on him and co-producer Rachael Kun Morehouse.

“If we’re thinking about doing a story on somebody, we talk to them and we try to look at video of them to see if [they] have passion. TED Talks are a great thing to look…

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60 Minutes previews “TED’s excellent adventure”

TED is a continuous learning adventure. ‪#‎TEDKnowledge

TED Blog

On Sunday night, 60 Minutes will take a look at what they call “TED’s excellent adventure.” In a segment to air on April 19 at 7pm ET/PT, the powerhouse television newsmagazine will talk to TED speakers to find out exactly what happens when their big ideas are shared with the world for free.

TED's excellent advantureIn the first preview of the segment, which aired during CBS This Morning (thumbnail left), Charlie Rose talks to Bryan Stevenson, who gave one of the most powerful TED Talks of all time. And yet, the human rights lawyer admits that he wasn’t sure what to think when he was asked to speak at the TED2012 conference. The conference was two weeks before he was to argue a case in front of the US Supreme Court, and he didn’t want to take time away from those preparations.

“I had never heard of TED and didn’t know what…

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The River @TEDxJax Salon


Picture by David Johnson. @DavidRises: Dr. White on River: “We’ve come a long way. I’m encouraged.” #TEDxJAX @JacksonvilleU #TEDTalks #ilovejax @TEDxJax

Another great TEDxJacksonville Salon related to improving our city. One of the discussion groups focused on The River. Dr. Quint White facilitated a discussion about ideas to embrace, protect, and enjoy our St Johns River.