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Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche. Who is Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche. An introduction to online courses. | #DrJoseCampus –

  • Introduction to Information Systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • Web Development
  • Technology Management


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Essen of Management Information Systems Edition: 12th Author: Laudon ISBN: 9780134238241 Copyright: 2017 Publisher: Pearson


1. Introduction to Technology Management

  • CyberChronicles – Introduction to Technology Management –
  • Technology, Organizations, and People – Integration of Technology, Organizations, and People in MIS. –
  • Business and IT
    • IT Management
    • Technology and Innovation
    • E-Business Systems
    • Emerging Technologies
    • IT Budgets

2. Business Information Systems in Your Career

  • Problem Solving

CyberChronicles – MIS – Business Problem Solving Model –

  • Achieving Business Goals with Information Systems
  • Global E-business

UPS Global Operations with the DIAD IV. UPS Global Operations Video Case

  • Competitive Advantages with IS
  • Leadership Systems

Extreme Time Management. A Personal Leadership System® –

3. IT Infrastructure: Hardware and Software

  • IT Infrastructure

Hardware, Software, & Networks | #DrJoseWhiteboards –

Hudson’s Bay Company and IBM:  Virtual Blade Platform –

Server Virtualization.

  • The Internet,  Telecommunications, and Wireless Networks

History of the Internet –

The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version) –

Social Media Revolution. 

  • Programming and Web Development

Algorithms. Fundamentals of the Analysis of Algorithms.

CyberChronicles – Logic Programming –

Web Development

4. Decisions Support: Database Management and Business Intelligence

Handzic, M., Ozlen, K., & Durmic, N. (2014). Improving customer relationship management through business intelligenceJournal of Information & Knowledge Management13(2), 1-9.

Haertzen, D. (2016, April 4.) Business intelligence and data warehousing require project management know how. [Blog post]. Retrieved from

Sturdy, G. R. (2012). ERP evolution. In Customer relationship management using business intelligence. Tyne, United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

  • Databases and Information Management

Big Data.

Data Management. Advantages & Disadvantages of Normalizing a Database

Dimensional Modeling Basics

  • Decision Support Systems

Ștefănescu, L., & Hunka, F. (2011). Intelligent decision support systems for managerial decision making. Craiova, Romania: ASERS Publisher. (pp. 8-48)

  • Knowledge Management

Education Technology. The World Is Open: How Web Technology Is Revolutionizing Education – Curtis J. Bonk

  • Enterprise Applications

How FedEx Works: Enterprise Systems –

5. Network and System Security

  • Information Systems Security

Web Security –

6. Supply Chain Management Systems and E-Commerce

  • Supply Chain Management
  • E-Commerce

7. Project Management

  • Global Projects

CyberChronicles – Project Management –

8. IS and Society

  • Building Information Systems
  • Ethical and Social Issues

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