Quest for Academic Performance and Institutional Effectiveness: Aligning Values, Visions, and Missions

Here is a small sample of values, visions, and missions of several academic institutions that are being studied in our quest for academic performance and institutional effectiveness in self-leadership and life management.

MIT Global Vision

As the world calls out for answers to questions more complex than ever before, MIT catalyzes change, delivers solutions, and innovates for tomorrow. In this inspired place, where every field of learning is in close proximity to each other, those solutions can be delivered on campus and around the globe by supporting the right projects and partnerships.

This is especially true at a time when the major challenges of this uncertain, unsettled age are shaped by science and technology, or are daunting problems of quantitative analysis and complex synthesis. With expertise in interdisciplinary problem-solving, MIT is uniquely equipped, and obliged, to make a critical difference — to do the analysis, to fuel the global economy, and to educate the leaders the world needs now.

Today, it is easy to equate all things “global” with “good,” but behind our engagements is a 150-year-old commitment to serving the world. This commitment supports three types of pragmatic, high-impact activities: partnering globally, collaborating worldwide in science, engineering and technology, and sharing our knowledge with the world.

MIT Mission Statement

The mission of MIT is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century.

Capella University Mission

The mission of Capella University is to extend access to high quality bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and certificate programs for adults who seek to maximize their personal and professional potential. This mission is fulfilled through innovative programs that are responsive to the needs of adult learners and involve active, engaging, challenging, and relevant learning experiences offered in a variety of delivery modes.

Florida State College at Jacksonville Mission

We are dedicated to meaningful learning and excellent teaching, enabling individuals to achieve their hopes, dreams and full potential, and to being a leading partner in creating a dynamic, prosperous community of enlightened leaders and thoughtful, effective, global citizens.

Florida State College at Jacksonville Values

To effectively demonstrate our mission in all we do, we are committed to six college-wide values:

Meaningful Learning that is student centered, comprehensive and responsive to the student and the community.

Excellent Teaching that is inspiring, committed to a partnership for learning with the student, sensitive to diversity, and expert in the development of sound educational experiences.

A Collegial Community built upon effective teamwork and commitment which reaches out to the greater community to foster civic, cultural, social and economic development.

Leadership that provides the vision for the College and enables faculty, students and staff to reach their full potential in a supportive environment.

Universal Access that provides equal opportunities for all who seek to better their lives through education.

Quality Service which provides responsive, efficient, and effective support from every person at the College to each person who seeks assistance from the College.

Florida State College at Jacksonville College-wide Goals

The mission at Florida State College will be fulfilled, in part, through achievement of the following college-wide goals:

  1. Prepare students for distinctive success, and as outstanding citizens, in the global knowledge economy
    Faculty, curricula, teaching methods, technology, learning environments and academic resources will provide students with relevant and rigorous preparation for success in a global knowledge economy. This preparation will enhance the capacity of students for effective citizenship through understanding of the governance and economic foundations of a democratic society. In pursuit of this goal the College will provide a comprehensive array of high-quality liberal arts and technical courses. The College will be recognized for exceptional collaboration, innovation and excellence in the pursuit of this goal.
  2. Optimize access to and participation in College programs and services
    College programs and services will be accessible, in an affordable and convenient form, to every adult in the College’s service area. An ever-increasing number of students will elect to become active members of the College community.
  3. Ensure that every student has an extraordinarily positive experience in every engagement with the College
    The summative experience of students will be that the College provided a superior experience in every service interaction and academic encounter. Innovation, particularly involving advanced technology, will combine with exceptional customer service and instructional excellence to invariably produce this result.
  4. Contribute significantly to the ongoing economic development of the College’s service area
    The College will play a major role in economic development through rapid, relevant and high quality responses to the human resource requirements of employers. Effective processes for the identification and rapid response to workforce development needs of employers will be improved continuously. Employers will receive the highest order of service and professionalism in interactions with College personnel. The College’s economic development initiatives will contribute to an elevation of per capita income, quality of life and community prosperity.
  5. Enhance institutional performance and accountability and investment capital
    Standards of performance for individual employees, organizational units, students and the College as a whole will be continued at an unsurpassed level. Outcomes will be continuously monitored and reported, and the information derived will be applied effectively to improve institutional performance. High performance will be recognized and rewarded. The College will secure and invest the requisite fiscal, intellectual, human, and technical and fiscal resources to fulfill its mission and to achieve its goals. New investment capital will be derived increasingly from earned revenue.

The Vision Within Our College-wide Goals

Our college-wide goals envision Florida State College as a nationally prominent comprehensive state college of exceptional quality where students:

Are extraordinarily well prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the emerging global knowledge economy. Our students will develop the ideal balance of discipline expertise and academic skills to learn quickly and adapt to change over their lifetime. They will be skilled in communication, critical and creative thinking, and the use of technology. They will be uniquely prepared for success in contemporary organizations and as involved and effective citizens.

Have access to College programs and services through a broad array of personal and electronic opportunities. They will find an excellent correlation between their lifestyle and the College’s locations, operating hours, policies and technology-based resources. Virtually every eligible citizen will be able to connect with the College in a timely and convenient manner, and they will do so in continuously increasing numbers. Current and prospective members of the College community will be well informed of the College’s programs and services and will not be denied the opportunity to enroll due to financial limitations.

Have an extraordinarily positive experience in every interaction with the College. Accordingly, they will be treated exceptionally well by College personnel who work collaboratively in the interests of students and the College. Innovation and skilled use of advanced technology will contribute significantly to the quality of instruction and services which will be maintained at the highest levels. Employers and community members will also encounter unsurpassed levels of service and respect.

Achieve significant career advantage as a result of the College’s highly effective relationships with, and responsiveness to, employers. Strong partnerships between the College and employers will result in relevant and continuously improved curriculum and create opportunities for graduates. The College’s exceptional performance in its central and essential role in economic development, in partnership with community and governmental entities, will elevate prosperity and quality of life for our citizens of the College’s service area.

Benefit directly from the College’s distinctive capacity for responsiveness, innovation and accountability. The College will be recognized for its exceptional professional development program and high standards of performance for all personnel. Accountability will be ensured through continuous evaluation and reporting of performance and outcomes. College resources will be invested effectively to support vital strategic initiatives and the advancement of the College. The College will be uncommonly resourceful in capitalizing its strategic initiatives and particularly effective in doing so through earned revenue.

Duval County Public Schools. Our vision, mission, and core beliefs.

Duval County Public Schools Vision

Every student will graduate from Duval County Public Schools with the knowledge and skills to be successful in post-secondary education and/or the workforce.

Duval County Public Schools Mission

The Duval County Public School System is committed to providing high quality educational opportunities that will inspire all students to acquire and use the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a global economy and culturally diverse world.

These beliefs serve as the foundation upon which the Board will rely to guide all policy decisions and actions.

Duval County Public Schools Core Beliefs

  • The academic success of every student in Duval County is the top priority of the Duval County School Board.
  • The Duval County School Board believes that our greatest strength as a school district is the racial, gender, ethnic, and socio-economic diversity of our students and community.
  • The achievement gap in Duval County can and must be eliminated.
  • All DCPS children can be academically prepared to reach their dreams.
  • All DCPS children can learn at grade level.
  • Every school in Duval County can be a high-performing organization, both academically and operationally.
  • High quality teachers, supported with high quality, on-going professional development, must drive our rigorous, intellectually and artistically challenging curriculum.
  • Academic and operational resources can and must be adequately distributed throughout all DCPS schools.
  • All schools can be safe learning environments where every student and adult is valued and respected.

Duval County Public School Commitments

  • The academic success of every student in Duval County will be the top priority of the Duval County School Board.
  • The Duval County School Board will develop and celebrate the racial, gender, ethnic, and socio-economic diversity of our students and community.
  • The achievement gap will be eliminated in Duval County.
  • All DCPS children will be academically prepared to reach their dreams.
  • All DCPS children will learn at grade level.
  • Every school in Duval County will be a high-performing organization, both academically and operationally.
  • High-quality teachers, supported with high-quality, on-going professional development, will drive our rigorous, intellectually and artistically challenging curriculum.
  • Academic and operational resources will be adequately distributed throughout all DCPS schools.
  • All schools will be safe learning environments where every student and adult is valued and respected.