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2015 Teleducator Network

Welcome to our Teleducator Network.

This is our Navigational Chart to access our current educational, business, and community resources. Browse through our online resources using the links on the left, or by using the drop-down menu at the top of this site.  You can also search for specific things as well. This is a website to integrate and share all our online resources.

Life is a continuous learning adventure.

Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche

My Teaching Philosophy
The Jose Way is my particular navigation guide to conduct all my courses. As professor my objective is to guide and prepare you academically, professionally and personally to be a leader in your field. My navigation guide is organized in four stages: Getting underway, Cruising, Storms, and Getting into port. At the same time, I hope to motivate and inspire you to integrate these knowledge and skills into your spiritual, financial and cultural life. Be a leader of influence in your workplace, with your family, and in your community. This is my teaching philosophy: The Jose Way.

Teleducator Network

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