Are you or your students tired of the same old, boring online look of black letters on a white background? If so, this workshop is for you. In this interactive, hands on workshop, you will learn how to add images, banners, sound, and videos to the announcements, content, and discussions in your Blackboard courses. Liven up your class to help keep your students motivated. In this workshop, resources will be shared that will help you with adding and manipulating images, sound, and video. Prior experience with Blackboard is helpful but not necessary for this workshop.

Course Design

  • Course Menu Design

  • Change Buttons / Text
  • Change Style
  • Course Banner


  • BB > Style > Select Menu Style > Buttons > Buttons library
  • BB > Style > Menu Display
  • BB > Style > Entry Point
  • BB > Style > Banner
  • BB > Home Page > Customize Home Page

  • Announcements (Images, Audio, Video)
  • Discussion Forums (Images, Audio, Video)

Over the Edge

Twitter Updates

Please read @DrLepervanche Twitter updates in the Discussion Board. Each week pick at least one tweet, copy and paste in your reply and add your comments to the topic of the tweet. I regularly add tweets that are related to different topics and courses. You can pick any tweet but I suggest to pick those related to your course.

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