Leading Yourself to Higher Levels: Inspiring Lifelong Learners

Leading yourself to higher levels: Inspiring Lifelong Learners

Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche*

The best secrets to inspire lifelong learners: Sharing knowledge, Stories,  Showmanship, and Sources.

Watch the LEAD Yourself Prezi presentation.

1. Climbing your own mountains

  • Beliefs and Values. “On my honor I will do my best…”
  • Finding your Strengths. Personal SWOT analysis
  • Finding your own mountains. Peak Performance.

2. Row your own canoe in the direction of your personal vision

A canoe trip is like the voyage of life.
An old ‘un ought to hand on piloting hints.
The only true Success is Happiness.
Two steps to Happiness are: Taking life as a game and giving out Love. The Burmese are an example of a happy people.
Happiness is not mere pleasure nor the outcome of wealth.
It is the result of active work rather than the passive enjoyment of pleasure. Your success depends on your own individual effort in the voyage of life,
And the avoidance of certain dangerous Rocks.
Self-education, in continuation of what you have learned at school, is necessary.
Go forward with confidence.
Paddle your own canoe!
” (Lord Robert Baden-Powell of Gilwell)

2. Row your own canoe in the direction of your personal vision

  • Finding direction to your life. Your compass. Your lighthouse.
  • 5th discipline. Systems thinking. Personal mastery. Mental models. Shared vision. Team learning.
  • Developing a personal vision.
  • SMART goals

3. Life is a Continuous Learning Adventure

3. Life is a Continuous Learning Adventure

  • Life lessons. Finding teachable moments
  • Leaders are tested during emergencies
  • Waves of life. “Life is like sailing. God provides the wind. You have to adjust the rudder and the sails of life”
  • My 4 hearts

6. Matching Styles: Learning, Personality, Teaching and Leadership. 

  • Be a peak performer. 
  • Be the best you can BE.
  • Be – Know – Do – Help – Have

5. Sources, links, and “under construction”

5. Homework:

My personal vision for next year:

(Use my beliefs and values to describe a picture of my future success)

My three S.M.A.R.T. goals to fulfill my personal vision:

(Goals have to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely)




My plan to achieve each goal:

(How I will achieve each goal. What? How? When?)







*Adapted from National Youth Leadership Training Handbook. Boy Scouts of America. Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche is Professor of Supervision and Management @ Florida State College at Jacksonville and Course Director/Scoutmaster of the North Florida Council National Youth Leadership Training @ Boy Scouts of America.