CyberChronicles – Information Security Best Practices Overview

As we continue our learning journey in our Business Intelligence course, we are producing new videos or microlectures that are covering specific topics and current trends. In the mean time, we are sharing some of our videos that cover one or several topics related to our course. This one is about Information Security that we are covering in several modules. I have mark the minutes of different parts in case you want to advance and watch a particular topic. Big data and data mining is covered as we mention the importance of extracting useful data.

CyberChronicles – Information Security Best Practices Overview | Dr. Jose G Lepervanche

Video link: CyberChronicles – Information Security Best Practices Overview

CyberChronicles – Information Security Best Practices Overview | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche

Overview of best practices in Information Security including the importance of security policies, vulnerability assessments, testing, cryptography, authentication, legislation, regulations, moral, ethics, and individual responsibility. #InformationSecurity #CyberSecurity

Learning Online Laboratory. Best practices in Information Security

You should explore topics in more detail. Advance video to area that you want to watch.
(1:59) Security Policies. Information overload. Big data. Communicate policies.
(3:38) Vulnerability Assessment. Know strengths and weaknesses. Identify and prioritize.
(6:08) Cryptography.
(7:23) Authentication.
(11:03) Viruses, malware, adware.
(11:35) Legislation.
(12:38) Moral and Ethics
(14:19) Individual Responsibility

Read current online resources to find trends and updated information about these topics. Participate in active discussions in online forums.




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