Virtual FSCJ Business Education Center and Outdoors Classrooms in Second Life 2009.

Second Life platform ( was used to create a virtual community for Florida State College at Jacksonville back in 2009. Parts of this FSCJ Virtual Second Life College were our Business Education Center and Outdoors Classrooms. It had a conference classroom with interactive walls to show presentations, an outdoors circular classroom around a campfire, and an outdoors field with a Likert scale. We used avatars for students and the professor. We were already in our ancient Metaverse. #OutdoorsLearning #OutdoorsClassrooms #SecondLifeVirtualCollege #SecondLifeBusinessEducationCenter

FSCJ Virtual Second Life Business Education Center included a large conference table and interactive walls for presentations. This example show Business Club Fall Events and our drawing about the S-curve of Change #josetoons.

Outdoors Classroom included a person size Lickert scale space. Students used this space to answer specific questions by moving their avatar to the specific answer space.

Florida State College: What do you want to be when you grow up? We can teach you!!!

Florida State College at Jacksonville had a special day for students during the Jaguars game at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on November 8, 2009. During the third quarter they showed a commercial. If you’re planning on getting your college education now or in the next decade, Florida State College should be your #1 choice! We develop programs to meet the workforce needs of Northeast Florida. It’s about making our community stronger, one graduate at a time.

Here is the video: