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Global Learning News Weekly Report

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Global Learning News is a media initiative to integrate news, adventures, and events intended to enhance higher education learning experiences in technology, environment, and management. The university is outdoors and experiential learning happens out-of-the-box in the “outdoors classroom”. See #GlobalLearningNews video channel, blog and newsletters. Global Learning News is interactive “Outdoors Press”.

Global Learning Adventures At Sea – BREXIT Referendum

Global Learning Adventures At Sea – BREXIT Referendum

June 2016. Baltic Sea Cruise aboard Navigator of the Seas. We visited Southampton, UK, Oslo, Norway, Copenhagen, Denmark, Tallinn, Estonia, St Petersburg, Russia, Helsinki, Finland, and Bruges, Belgium. At sea we lived BREXIT Referendum Day where the UK decided to leave the European Union. Aboard we talked to UK and European citizens and discussed their reactions. When you watch this video, you can see what happened in the UK after this historic day.

We also use this clip to summarize our 40 years of traveling, 50 countries visited, and 12 cruises so far. We emphasize the importance of traveling, learning about cultures, politics, history, and economics, and living historic events like this one.

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Video Link: Global Learning Adventures At Sea – BREXIT Referendum

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Exploring Auschwitz Concentration Camp | Global Learning Adventures

Our contributionion to #VoicesOfHope.  Field trip to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Memories and lessons learned in Auschwitz do not have color. Everything here was grey. #auschwitz #globallearning2016  #neverforget #MessengersofPeace #OutdoorsClassroom

Nie wolno o nich zapomniec. We should never forget them. – Helena Kubica.

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The Steel Industry in Port Sagunto, Valencia, Spain | Global Learning Adventures

Global Learning Adventures – The Steel Industry in Port Sagunto, Valencia, Spain 

Global Learning Adventures in Port Sagunto, Valencia, Spain. Blast Furnace Nº.2 is the only surviving blast furnace tower of the three that were in operation at the height of the steel industry’s activity in Puerto de Sagunto. The structure, which is 64 metres high, was built in 1922 and rebuilt in the 1960s. Operating at 1000 degrees centigrade, it was used to create the steel and iron that was employed in the large construction projects of the 20th-century, such as the building known as the “finca de hierro” in Valencia, the Windsor building in Madrid, the Telefonica building in Seville and the Seat factory in Barcelona. Following its restoration, it received the Europa Nostra 2012 (European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage) Award. Visitors to the furnace tower can discover how it worked and find out about the steel-making industry that gave rise to the Port of Sagunto. (

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