Geolocations of Landmarks. Biarritz Solar Clock. #GeoLandmarks

After the experience geolocating more than 200 European Jewish Quarters, we have expanded to geolocate other landmarks in Google Maps and other digital maps (Bing, Open Street, Facebook Maps, etc). We are discovering cultural and historic places that are not geolocated, as well other landmarks of interest. This is just one example of a new landmark we geolocated in Google Maps.

Solar Clock next to the lighthouse. Biarritz, France.

Google Maps geolocation

#Geolandmarks_Biarritz. We went to see the lighthouse of Biarritz and discovered this Solar Clock. We geolocated it in #GoogleMaps. It is very accurate even in cloudy days if you know where the sun is. The views of the cliffs and the coast of #Biarritz are amazing from this point. #Geolandmarks #LighthousesWeKnow #abuelosmochileros_biarritz #abuelosmochileros_lighthouses