CyberChronicles – Global virtual management, people and technology, strategies, and customer service.

Global virtual management, people and technology, strategies, and customer service.

Global Management includes strategies to manage virtual offices in other countries. Global companies have to know their external environment and get familiar with local practices, laws, currency, etc. Management, Technology, and Leadership have to be integrated to Customer Service Practices. People are the most important asset inside and outside the company. Watch this video and relate these concepts to your own workplace or business practices. Video is old but the ideas are relevant for current discussions. 

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CyberChronicles | Introduction to Technology Management | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche

Welcome Video to Technology Management courses.

Welcome to our Technology Management Laboratory. During several years I have been doing these videos to introduce our curses about business and technology courses. I believe that several of these courses are in the middle line between businesses and information technology.

Introduction to Technology Management laboratory is an overview of both business and technology sides of management. It is an overview of the importance of people, organization, and technology in globalization. It also mentions Business Intelligence, Strategic Management, Project Management and Innovation. We continue with Social Media and Mobile Devices to finish with the next generation of leaders and social responsibility. How can be apply these topics in our current discussions?

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Information Technology in the Global Business Context

Innovative technologies have been used in global organizations to enhance performance. Technology Acceptance Model is used to explore current trends such as new media, web 2.0 tools, and other social media networks. (2010 International College Teaching and Learning Conference). Used in Technology Management courses.