Buckman Waste Water Treatment Facility, Jacksonville, Florida. #GlobalLearningMaps #OutdoorsLearning

Buckman Waste Water Treatment Facility, Jacksonville, Florida. #GlobalLearningMaps #OutdoorsLearning. Walking tour of a waste water treatment Facility in Jacksonville, Florida. Outdoors Learning Experience to know City Management practices with Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche, Professor of Management and Information Systems. Video based on ArcGISStoryMaps.

See Global Story Map https://arcg.is/0D8OLC

Cities use companies to provide water services to their citizens. Waste water is treated in facilities like this one. This case includes releasing treated water to a local rivers. Automated Systems and a few employees control all stages from a control room. #ManagementInformationSystems #WasteWaterManagement #GlobalLearningMaps #InternationalBusinessManagement #CityManagement #SustainableDevelopmentGoals

Google Maps aerial map of Buckman Waste Water Treatment Facility in Jacksonville, Florida. Buckman Wastewater Treatment Facility is the largest regional sewer plant with advanced nutrient removal. Ref. https://www.jea.com/About/Wastewater/

As we study this topic, it is important to explore how other cities and local governments treat their waste water and how emerging Information Systems are supporting these processes. Let’s compare and contrast how well our local city is doing it when we explore other worldwide cities. #CityManagement #WasteWaterManagement #InformationSystems #GeographicInformationSystems #OutdoorsLearning