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Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche. TEDxFSCJ Founder Organizer. TED Ed Lessons Creator

The idea of TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures is to share updated topics and lessons using the educational resources from TED, TEDx, TED Ed, and TEDxFSCJ. This is a summary of TEDxFSCJ events, salons, TED Ed Lessons, workshops, and presentations used to enhance learning engagement in courses and outside the classroom.Share Links:

Latest TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures

HEAd’18 TED Ed, TED, and TEDx in college instruction


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TED Ed Learning Adventures

All TED Ed Lessons used in Higher Education created by Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche

TED Ed Lessons used in Management courses


TED Ed Lessons using TEDxFSCJ Talks created by Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche


#FoodProduction. Aquaponics can change the hunger landscape | Angela TenBroeck | TEDxFSCJ
#DACA. The involuntary immigrant | Luis Mejia | TEDxFSCJ | What is the future of DACA?
#Leadership. What improv has taught me about leadership | Rachel Stromberg | TEDxFSCJ
#Risk. Risk-taking, mistake-making, and lifelong learning | Dr. Kathleen Ciez-Volz | TEDxFSCJ. Online Discussion in Global Management course.
#Universe. Our universe is our classroom | Dr. Mike Reynolds | TEDxFSCJ

TED Ed Lessons using TEDxFSCJ Talks created by other professors

#Microorganisms. The Fight Against Microorganisms | Dianne Fair | TEDxFSCJ (created by Dr. Dianne Fair)
#Communications. The Ultimate Communication Device | Jeff Hess | TEDxFSCJ (created by Dr. Jeff Hess)

TED Ed Lessons using @DrLepervanche videos


#GlobalLearningAdventures. #Hiroshima. 70th Anniversary of Atomic Bombing
#GlobalLearningAdventures. Management Adventures – Episode I – Planning
#GlobalLearningAdventures. Management Adventures – Episode II – Execution
#ChangeManagement. Be Prepared to Stop and Change. Boy Scout leader no longer taking chances
#TECHKnowledge. Management Learning Online Laboratory: TECHknowledge: Technology & Knowledge
#TechnologyManagement. Introduction to Technology Management. @DrLepervanche #CyberChronicles
#TimeManagement. Extreme Time Management. A Personal Leadership System.@DrLepervanche

TED Ed Scouting Lessons


#Scouting. Mike Rowe speaks at the 2013 National Jamboree about working hard and smart. #Scouting
#WorldScouting. Watch out for the scouts | Signe Bjørg Jensen | TEDxCopenhagen 2012


TEDxFSCJ Conferences

2016 TEDxFSCJ “Engage”
2015 TEDxFSCJ “Brave New World” (Videos)
2014 TEDxFSCJ “Lessons Beyond the Learning Edge” (Videos)


TED Women 2016


2016 TEDxFSCJ Salon “Art (Re)Defines Us. MOCA, Jacksonville
2016 TEDxFSCJ Salon “Refugees, Immigrants, and Jacksonville’s Muslim Community”
2015 TEDxFSCJ Salon “Technology & Society”
2015 TEDxFSCJ Salon “Green Plate Special”
2015 TEDxFSCJ Salon “STOP Traffic”
2014 TEDxFSCJ “Under the Stars”
2014 TEDxFSCJ “Downtown Development

TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures

What is TED2016?

TED Ed Workshops

TECHKnowledge Workshops done at Florida State College at Jacksonville live and Google+ Hangouts.

TEDxFSCJ Presentations

2015 International College Teaching and Learning Conference

TECHKnowledge presentations during International Conference on College Teaching and Learning. 2014 and 2015. TECHKnowledge Learning Adventures: Online Education and Technology using TED-Ed Lessons

2014 TECNOAprendizaje. International UNAD Florida Conference

TED Ed Learning Adventures continued during TEDxBeaconStreet as one of Adventure Catalysts sharing ideas with other TEDx Organizers (Nov 2014 & 2015). UNAD Florida V International Conference “Education, Technology and Business in Paipa Colombia (Nov 2014). Our topic: Online Education and Technology: Using TED Ed to enhance online learning experience. Facebook Photo Slides used in Colombia. #TECNOAprendizaje

2014 International College Teaching and Learning Conference

TECHKnowledge: Online Education and Technology: Using TED-Ed Lessons and Social Media Learning to Enhance Online Learning Experience TECHKnowledge: Device-Oriented Learning combining technology and knowledge with TED-Ed lessons and social media learning are used to expand online and offline discussion in different management courses. Combined discussions allow students from different sections to participate.
Discussions can be hosted in TED-Ed platform, or personal or professional social media networks.

2014 FSCJ Faculty Convocation

TED-Ed, TED and TEDx Talks to Enhance Classroom Learning Experience. TED Ed Learning Adventures. Presentation to Florida State College at Jacksonville faculty during August 2014 Convocation. Slideshare slides here

2014 FSCJ SLS Conference

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TED Resources

TED.com Talks. Ideas worth sharing.
TEDx.com. Independently organized events.
TED Ed. Lessons worth sharing.
TED Live. TED Live brings the TED Conference experience to your home – or anywhere you want to watch.
TED Active 2015. Whistler, Canada. I attended as participant TED Active 2015 and TEDx Organizer’s Workshop.
TEDxJacksonville. Intellectual Explorer in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.
TEDxOcala. A new TEDx in North Florida.
TEDxUF. TEDx Organizers’s Workshop.
TEDxBeaconStreet. We have attended as one of Adventures Catalysts. 2014, 2015

TED and TEDx Events

TED Active