Social Media Learning

Social Media Leadership Skills.

Expanding online learning and professional leadership development using social media networks and other collaborative social technologies.

Topics include:

  • Professional Social Networking (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Personal internet marketing (Personal branding and personal search engine optimization)
  • Technology Management (Professional use of personal mobile devices)
  • Video learning and keywords discussions (YouTube, Vimeo, TED Talks, TEDx Talks)
  • TED Ed Lessons Worth Spreading
  • Social Media Learning (Pages, Groups, Bookmarks, Online Newsletters, etc)

Coming to FSCJ Kent Campus Better You Series and International Conference on College Teaching and Learning (

Weekly Discussion via @DrLepervanche Twitter Updates

Twitter feed on right side of this page is similar to the feed that goes directly yo our online courses using a Twitter widget. The following instructions are used in a weekly discussion forum. Students do not need a Twitter account to read the tweets and comment.
Read @DrLepervanche Twitter feed to this discussion board. Each week, select one of the tweets posted (Copy), visit the link provided if the selected tweet has a link, post your views about the selected tweet and how it is related to our course, paste the selected tweet inside your response as reference. (Total: 1 post per week = 8 postings). Grade will be added to your discussions grade)

Twitter interaction generates discussions with students, I can retweet tweets from followers and post interesting comments from students back to Twitter. Social Media Learning in action.

Social media for small business: What is your message?

“What’s Your Message?” This segment will deal with the importance of developing your business’s mission and message, and the correlated importance of designing social media efforts to align with that mission and message.

TED Ed Lessons Worth Spreading


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